Have your say – online Zoom meeting on 18th April at 7pm

Hello everyone,

I am proposing to have a series of Zoom meetings to discuss the future of RTVs within the ALRC, and what we can do to help clubs encourage newer members with newer style vehicles to come out and compete, and learn or test their offroad driving skills.

As we are all very aware, the cost of Land Rovers is increasing and the majority of people with 90s, 110s and Series motors do not want to come and trial them anymore due to the fear of damage; in my opinion, this is a large part of why RTV numbers are dwindling.

As has happened in the past, newer style Discoverys and Range Rover Sports are now cheaper than a 90 – and so, in addition to our current members, we should be encouraging the drivers of these vehicles to join clubs and come out.

Over the last few years RTVs have become more and more severe, so they are now like CCVT but without the cage. This is not what was intended for this class of vehicle; RTV motors were always to be driven to the event on the tyres that they would compete with, and then driven home afterwards. It should never, ever be the case that an RTV (or indeed any) vehicle suffers damage simply to be competitive in their class.

Please also be aware that we did introduce Q Class a few years ago on a trial basis, but the feedback we had (or rather lack of feedback) from the clubs was that you were not getting them turn up. To be fair, we did have feedback from some clubs initially, but this dwindled away within a few months, so it was felt that Q Class was not a popular option with the clubs.

I should also like to point out that those of us who volunteer to be on the ALRC Council are all members of individual clubs around the UK, and as such, need your input to implement changes and support. The ALRC is an entity created to bring together all the Land Rover Clubs, not a governing body who makes the rules.

If you want changes, then you need to be prepared to make the effort to put your ideas forward and your reasonings for your proposal. The matter will be discussed with you and then the ALRC will put it out to the clubs for a vote. We are not here to fight your corner and, if you are not prepared to put the effort in, then STOP MOANING.

This post is not going to have any discussion, but if you would like a link to the Zoom meeting then please contact either myself or Simone.

We shall hold this discussion over several weeks and this is your opportunity to change what us ‘DINOSAURS’ are doing.

I am planning the first meeting to be via Zoom on the 18th April at 19.00 for a maximum of 2 hours.

Please note: this meeting is only open for paid-up ALRC club members.

Please email me on Chairman@alrc.co.uk or Simone on tonybirch@btinternet.com giving your full name, your Club name and your membership number. We will email you a link to the meeting approximately 48 hours before the meeting takes place.

If you wish to attend the meeting, we need to receive your details by Friday 7th April. Applications to take part will not be accepted after this time.

Richard Smith