Chairman’s Introduction

Hello all and welcome to the ALRC (Association of Land Rover Clubs).

The Association brings together Land Rover clubs from both the UK and all over the world. We have approximately 10,000 members, in 26 UK Local Area Clubs, 8 Single Marque Clubs, plus 14 Member Clubs abroad, all of which are made up by Land Rover enthusiasts.

The clubs within the Association cater for a variety of interests. Many of our members participate in off-road competitions, varying from beginner and ‘shiny vehicle’ trials to “full on” speed events such as competitive safaris. There are also many members who like Green Laning or Camping.

There is also a strong contingent of members whose ambitions are to rebuild and fully restore their vehicles and in the main these enthusiasts belong to the Land Rover Register 1948-53, the Land Rover Series One Club or the Land Rover Series Two Club. We also have the 101 Forward Control Club & Register and the Lightweight Club whose members have a love for their ex-military vehicles. Within these groups there is an active involvement in entering Concours events at the many classic car shows and Land Rover magazine shows throughout the country. There are also those who simply like customising their vehicles for pure enjoyment, but the common denominator for all these enthusiasts is their love of the Land Rover vehicle.

The ALRC Council consists of members of these clubs, who come together to help, support and promote our sport; currently we operate under MSUK permits and guidelines, using our additional brand-specific supplementary regulations (click here for more info).

We ensure that we keep our motorsport events accessible to all and promote grass root competitions. Whether you drive a shiny new Land Rover, a not so shiny Land Rover, or simply enjoy camping and the social side, there is something for everyone.

In all our clubs we have generations of families who have grown up with the sport and are now introducing their own children to the hobby. This is evident at our National Rally that is held in May each year, where there are many events for the whole family throughout the weekend.

Please browse the website for more information, click here for details on Member Clubs to find one that is local to you, click here for our latest news.

If you wish to discuss the ALRC in any further detail please feel free to contact me.

Best regards
Kevin Peake, ALRC Chairman.