Joining the Association of Land Rover Clubs Limited

Membership of the Association of Land Rover Clubs is open to any club dedicated to the Rover marque (including Land Rover) based in the UK or Overseas. In the first instance the club should write to the Secretary of the Association giving details of the club, its activities, a copy of its constitution and details of the main management committee members. 

The club must have a minimum of 25 full members before membership will be considered. The constitution is then considered by the ALRC council and provided there are no problems the club is invited to attend an ALRC meeting to answer any questions from the members (overseas clubs are invited but may not be able to attend because of the distances involved). 

The constitution must show that the club only accepts Rover enthusiasts as members and is dedicated to the Rover marque (including Land Rover). The club must be non-profit making and must not be run as, or from a commercial venture. Membership fees are set each year and the current fees will be explained on application.  The club is accepted as a member if no other members object and all other membership criteria are met satisfactorily. On acceptance the club must sign a number of declarations agreeing to abide by club rules and regulations. Once these are signed the club is a member of the ALRC (different levels of membership apply depending on fees paid, competitive status, geography etc.) and is entitled to attend ALRC meetings.
Simone Birch
 – Secretary
1a Duncan Avenue