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The Association of Land Rover Clubs is a single marque club whose operation is dedicated to products of Land Rover Ltd and its predecessors and operates with its consent, catering for owners and users of all Land Rover vehicles.

The Association is an international organisation with member clubs from around the world who are proud and pleased to be associated with the ALRC and the Land Rover product.

The Clubs within the Association cater for a variety of interests. The majority participate in off road competition, varying from family vehicle trials to “full on” speed events such as competitive safaris. Yet within these are many individual members who like Green Laning or Camping and Caravanning. There is also a strong contingent of members whose ambitions are to rebuild and fully restore their vehicles and there are also those who simply like customising their vehicles for pure enjoyment, however the common denominator for all these enthusiasts is their love of the Land Rover vehicle, long may it last.

Thanks go to Bosuncam, Tim Kemp, Dave Barrell, Russ Brown, Tony Birch and David Dudley for use of their images throughout this website.

Upcoming Events

February 8, 2024
Council Meeting – Online | ALRC
March 16, 2024
June 8, 2024
Council Meeting – TBD | ALRC
July 6, 2024
October 12, 2024
Council Meeting – TBD | ALRC


Latest News

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  • Test post

    This is a demo post from the signing on tent at the national rally.
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