ALRC Member Clubs

In 2020 the Association had 36 UK-based member clubs and 14 overseas clubs, representing approximately 10,000 individuals in the UK alone.
Any Land Rover club conforming to the rules and conditions governing the Association’s members is eligible to be a member of the Association. 

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Any changes required for this page should first be directed to the ALRC Secretary.  If you would like your Club to join the ALRC, please click here for further information.

Individual Membership – To become a member of the ALRC an individual must join one of the local or national clubs. The subscription to that club provides the individual membership of the ALRC.

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National Single Marque Clubs   These also serve an International membership

Local Area Clubs    Uk Clubs

Overseas Clubs     These are country or region specific

Joining the ALRC    Information on how your club can become a member

Letters to clubs – General information about events and meetings etc

Scrutineering Information to clubs – S&OR committee minutes and other scrutineering related letters to clubs