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Miscellaneous Services

Land Rover Classic – authentic African Safari adventures

South African Land Rover Safari Adventures 

Land Rover Classic – authentic African Safari adventures with vintage Land Rover Series and classic Land Rover Defender
What do we offer? Self-drive guided fully catered authentic African Safaris with classic Land Rovers.

Our definition of an authentic classic African Safari is a scenic road trip adventure through rural wild Africa (Safari aka adventure / expeditions), mostly a Big5 area or area of specific interest in Southern Africa. Driving on dirt roads, off-road, 4×4 tracks, from mountain passes to grassy plains and through riverbeds, traversing areas, roads, tracks and camping often not accessible by the general public. Accommodation varies from camping at campsites with full to limited ablutions and basic facilities, wild camping (no facilities, no fencing (Big5 area), lodging, hotels, luxury accommodation, etc. Most of the trips are fully catered.

We also offer special events for Land Rover owners and enthusiasts, and specific interests’ groups.

LR Classic is an associate to the bi-annual Defender Trophy. This is an international event with focus on Defender rental vehicles with an all-inclusive package.

LR Classic Defender TrophyThe Defender Trophy
The Defender Trophy is a family-friendly overland event and not a driving competition, neither does it test your physical fitness. It is an event for Land Rover Defender enthusiasts, for people with green blood in their veins, who simply love to drive their Landy’s while exploring the beauty of nature in all its facets.

We all love to discover the magic of Africa, one of the last places on earth where you can almost drive back into time, and immerse yourself in the raw untamed wilderness, its phenomenal people, fauna and flora. So how do we determine our winners, you may ask? Well, each day participants receive a questionnaire testing their navigational skills, while prompting them with questions about local culture, wildlife in the area, and of course Land Rover Defender.

At the end of the event, the one with the highest score will be our winner – but in actual fact, we are all winners in participating in these unique events, which is really about camaraderie, new friends, evenings around the bush fire, laughter and fun.

Click here to go to the Defender Trophy website.
Click here to download Defender Trophy article from LRM.

LR Classic South African adventures

Our wild camp setup in the Limpopo River on the recent Defender Trophy

LR Classic South African adventures

Our Dutch clients on the recent Defender Trophy 2019 Limpopo

LR Classic South African adventures

Activities at our 2019 LR Series Festival

A bit more about us…

Founders of LR Classic, Andre Verster and Johan Kriek each owned and operated over-land adventure businesses with their fleet of beloved Land Rover Defenders.

On a very special evening during a reconnaissance adventure, chill-laxing around a mesmerizing campfire deep in the Mozambique bush, Andre and Johan uncorked a couple of bottles of their favorite Pinotage. The bush-chatter was their favorite topic – Land Rover Defenders and Land Rover Series!! They shared past adventures, expeditions and safaris, their love for classic Landys and their passion for safaris and overlanding. Before much time passed, the two had decided to join forces and fulfill their lifelong vision…and LR Classic was conceived!

Johan is also owner of the renowned Defender Trophy. The Defender Trophy is an international “Land Rover Defenders only” bi-annual event taking place in Southern Africa. LR Classic is an associate to the Defender Trophy offering event support, rental Defenders to foreign participants and scrumptious catering for foreign participants and the crew.

Our Vision

Our vision for LR Classic is to become a desired specialist tour operator and distinctive events host in Southern Africa. Our focus is offering international and local guests exclusive guided self-drive classic safaris with our fleet of authentic Land Rovers.

For more information, please contact Andre Verster.

27836 403057
LR Classic
PO Box 73477
, Fariland 2030
South Africa
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